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Trans Day of Remembrance

For those that don't know, today is Trans Day of Remembrance. A day to commemorate lives lost to transphobia, especially by violence and hatred directed at Black Trans Women, and Trans Women of Colour. This one day of the year may come across your news radar, if you are lucky. You may pause for a moment and consider the disproportionate violence trans women of colour, trans women, gender non conformists, trans people in general, face for our very existence. To know the barriers to family, support, employment, healthcare, housing, justice, that so many trans women most notably, continually face. For anyone who considers themselves an ally to trans people, this is your time to renew the support you show to others with regards to creating safe space for diverse gender expressions, narratives, understandings. This is where you are reminded of your privilege and permission for *just being* and living as a person with a socially approved gender identity. This is where you renew your commitment to helping others understand and respect the identities that are not socially approved. Where you heighten your vows to step in and correct and educate others, where ignorance prevails, most notably when masculinist ways of perpetuating manhood and policing womanhood invoke harm unto others in everyday life. If you forgot about this project of creating safe space, this is your day to renew it.

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