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Sly Sarkisova - LGBTQ Mental Health and Trans Therapist in Toronto

Trauma informed expertise that centres understanding systemic impacts.

With over 21,000 direct client hours in Mental Health, Trauma, & Addiction services, I have a depth and breadth of expertise to lend to your organization or private practice. 


Specialty Topics:

  • Holistic, Anti-oppressive, Intersectionally Trauma-Informed frameworks

  • 2SLGBTQI Mental Health

  • Trans Affirmative Practice

  • Addiction & Concurrent Disorders Best Practices

  • Complex Trauma & PTSD

  • Working with psychosis, narcissistic, antisocial, borderline presentations, anxiety, depression

Demonstrated knowledge within a framework of cultivating trust, transparency, reliability,


attentive support.

Clinical Supervision

Approaches to trauma, mental health and addiction management that are dynamic, creative and critically responsive to systemic oppression.

Organizations may be looking to increase capacity in the following domains:

  • Critical approaches to mental health, psychiatry & trauma

  • Integrative mental health and addiction programming

  • Supporting 2SLGBTQI mental health

  • Policy overhaul, visioning, planning, staff education, sensitivity and inclusivity training

  • Program & curriculum development in Trans health, 2SLGTBQI, mental health & addictions

Delivery of training and education in a top notch, professional and very respectful manner.

Workshops & Training

Critically draw from the best elements of Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural, Brief Solution Focussed, Narrative, Mindfulness, and Anti-oppressive therapies.


Training Topics:

  • Understanding Trauma in 2SLGBTQ Communities

  • Trauma Informed Anti-Oppressive Approaches to Mental Health & Addiction Management

  • Trans Affirmative Practice

  • Secondary Assessor Training for Transgender Health

  • LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Training

  • Managing anxiety & depression

Excellence in teaching and facilitating while providing engaging, inclusive and reflexive space.


Comprehensive materials, guidance, and discussions to cultivate transformative knowledge.

Clinical Supervision


If you are looking to expand your organizational, team or individual capacity to provide trauma informed best practices in mental health and addiction, I am available for clinical supervision to strengthen your understanding and practice.


I hold a well rounded, effective, and informed, integrative approach that incorporates anti-oppressive, trauma informed, and critical approaches to understanding mental health, illness, complex trauma presentations, gender variant identities, transgender identities, sexual identities, coping and resiliency.


Consultation, Training & Workshops 


Benefit from emerging practices in the field of trauma, addiction, mental health and in working with 2SLGBTQI+ communities by requesting a specific training series, workshop or consultation.


I am available to present on a variety of clinical social work topics in psychotherapy and front line work such as mental health & addictions, reflexive practice, integrating anti-oppressive theory into psychotherapy practice, working with underhoused and traumatized clients, implementing harm reduction strategies, and increasing queer and trans inclusivity. Presentations and activities will be designed with your setting in mind and particular to your organizational needs. 

Some agencies Sly has facilitated trainings for:

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